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How much will it cost to ship international?

taking your bike or bicycle with you on an airplane
Call 1-877-323-4083 Monday - Saturday (11:30am CST) to take advantage of our bicycle air shipping system. All you need is the box size, total weight and a credit card. Door-to-door or drop-off service is the same low price! A shipping label will be emailed to you and your bicycle can arrive in 3 to 7 business days at its destination. Prices are based on available space, fuel and distance.

Countries and states currently served by are:

 01 Alaska
 02 Austria
 03 Australia
 04 Belgium
 05 Canada
 06 China
 07 Denmark
 08 England
 09 Finland
 10 France
 11 Germany
 12 Greece
 13 Hawaii
 14 Ireland
 15 Israel
 16 Japan
 17 Korea
 18 Italy
 19 Mexico
 20 Netherlands
 21 New Zealand
 22 Norway
 23 Portugal
 24 Puerto Rico
 25 Spain
 26 Switzerland
 27 Sweden
 28 Iceland

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