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AIRCADDY K9100 Compact Bicycle Travel Container for all shipping

This is the first bicycle travel container where you do not have to take your bicycle completely apart. All you have to do to ship your bicycle is remove the front wheel, rotate the handlebar upward, and lower or remove the seat. The pedals and rear wheel remain on the bicycle, so all of your brake and gear adjustments are not altered, and your bike can be ready to ride in 6 minutes from the time you pull it out of the box. The unit folds completely flat into a box, 32in. x 40in. x 3in. The fork mount system is steel and has a lifetime warranty. The model K9100 is made out of 275 pound test cardboard. Note: As of 1/12/2008 the AirCaddy bike containers meet all USA truck standards, and are designed to be shipped by DHL, United Parcel Service (UPS), and FedEx. For dimensions, please use 58" length, 22" width, 31" height. Maximum total weight is 60 pounds. For more details go to or Guaranteed for 1 year. Weight 21 lbs. This 2014 model now fits 98% of all 700c and 26" bicycles up to 69cm. Note: some top end mountain bikes may need a special fork adapter which have 15mm or 20mm axles.(#4044) Made in the USA. Available for ground shipping or pick up.

Ground shipping: $25.00;   (call for faster shipping options)
 3698-00K9100 AIRCADDY Compact Bicycle Travel Container$104.95
Aircaddy wheel kit for K9100

Adds wheels to the K9100 AirCaddy; for use on all airplanes, boats, trains and buses.

Ground shipping: $9.00;   (call for faster shipping options)
 3697-00K9200 Wheel Kit$49.95
eBikeShipper K9988 Bicycle Shipping Container

(This unit fits an entire bicycle including the two wheels.)The eBikeShipperâ„¢ is the low-cost solution for shipping your bicycle. The container is constructed of layered, high-quality double-wall corrugate and is designed to withstand the compression and impacts experienced during air and ground shipment. Critical areas of the shell will contain four layers of double-wall corrugate when fully packaged. Its small size and dimensions will minimize the cost of shipment. To pack the bicycle, the following components must be removed: Both wheels and quick release skewers, pedals, handlebars and/or stem, seatpost and saddle, fork (in some cases) and front brake (in some cases). The eBikeShipperâ„¢ ships folded in a flat package and weighs 14lbs. (6.4kg). Once the carton has been fully assembled and packed, its dimensions are 43x32x11in. (110x82x28cm). Since the combined length and girth of the package is 129in. (330cm), no oversize fees will be charged and it will be billed on dimensional weight (92lbs). In addition, the eBikeShipperâ„¢ meets all small package requirements for international air and ground shipping for UPS, DHL, FedEx and all major international air carriers. Our service has an extensive damage claim database of over 30,000 shipments within the USA and in foreign countries, Out of 11,213 boxes shipped between 3/2011 and 3/2014, the EBikeshipper has had a damage rate 3 times lower than hard cases and 5 times lower than the standard cardboard boxes. The average lifespan of an EBikeshipper box is 8 to 10 one-way trips. Made in the USA. Available for ground shipping or pick up. Note:This unit fits an entire bicycle including the two wheels.

Ground shipping: $20.00;   (call for faster shipping options)
Qty K9988 Bicycle Shipping Container$39.95
eBikeShipper Wheel Kit for K9988

This wheel kit snaps quickly onto the eBikeShipper and makes it one of the strongest and easiest ways to transport a bicycle. Made in USA. Guaranteed for lifetime.

Ground shipping: $10.00;   (call for faster shipping options)
Qty Wheel Kit for K9988$49.95
XLBikebox K9880 for Recumbents,Tandems,Fat bikes all 29ers

XLBIKEBOX Perfect solution for shipping: TANDEMS, RECUMBENTS, ELECTRIC BICYCLES, FAT BIKES and any LARGE MOUNTAIN BIKES with 26 inch or 29 inch wheels. Constructed of high quality double double-wall corrugate with two steel support mounts for extra protection. does not transfer shock to the bicycle, but absorbs the impacts, preventing damage to carbon fiber and alloy components. To pack the bicycle, the following components must be removed: Tandems: both wheels and front handlebars Recumbent: both wheels (sometimes handlebars depending on model) Mountain Bikes: rear wheels The meets all ground and air shipping requirements for UPS and FedEx (72 x 14 x 32 inches or 164 dimensional inches). Total shipping weight is 75 pounds. Made in USA. Guaranteed for one year on shell, lifetime guarantee on metal mounts. Fits Tandems, recumbent, and all sizes of mountain bikes with 26 or 29 inch wheels. Replacement outer shell is $60.00.

Ground shipping: $30.00;   (call for faster shipping options)
 3692-00K9880 Long Box$169.88
XLBikebox Four Wheel kit K8359

This wheel kit is special for the XL Bikebox to support the heavy loads up to 150 pounds that this container is designed to carry. The aluminum large plate has four wheels instead . Includes tape, travel bag,and 10 straps.

Ground shipping: $10.00;   (call for faster shipping options)
 3695-00XLBikebox Four Wheel kit$69.95
eWheelShipper Container ( For 2 wheels only)

The eWheelshipper is, simply put, the least expensive and most secure container available for shipping or traveling with delicate or high-value bike wheels. High-quality double-wall corrugated cardboard and an internal support beam in the center of the package will protect your wheels from careless baggage handlers or tumbles off of conveyor belts. If you ship your wheels in the eWheelshipper, you can rest assured that they will arrive at their destination in one piece. Use for 4-8 shipments without a problem. Guaranteed for one year. (Holds 2 wheels only with tires.) Made in the USA and available for ground shipping or pick up. Size is (42 x 7 x 27 inches or 115 dimensional inches)

Ground shipping: $12.00;   (call for faster shipping options)
 3696-00eWheelShipper Wheelset Container$21.95
AirCaddy Wheel Bag

This bag is ideal for protecting your extra wheels inside the AirCaddy travel box. Made in USA. Guaranteed for 1 YEAR

 3712-00AirCaddy Wheel Bag$44.95
Park PW-5 Home Mechanic Pedal Wrench

The PW-5 15mm pedal wrench is economically priced but is built to last. Made from heat-treated spring steel and vinyl dipped for comfort. 11-1/2 inches (29 cm) long for leverage. Made in USA. Guaranteed for 1 year.

 2501-00Park PW-5 Home Mechanic Pedal Wrench$10.76
AirCaddy Tri-Bar Stem Adapter

This mount allows you to use rigid aero bars in your AirCaddy without scratching the bars or bending the cables. The bars point down in the front of the box and all you do is loosen the stem bolts. This unit can also be used for downhill bikes with large bars up to 30 inches in width. Made in USA. Guaranteed for 1 year

 3688-00AirCaddy Tri-Bar Stem Adapter$29.95
AirCaddy Thru 2 15MM and 20MM Fork Adapter

This adapter allows the use of 20mm or 15mm thru axle forks to be used with any Aircaddy or XLBikebox without any problem. Made in USA

 4046-00AirCaddy Thru 2 15MM and 20MM Fork Adapter$19.95

Fork Ups are powder coated welded steel adapters to allow use with fork mounted bicycle racks (or the AirCaddy shipping container). Simply remove your wheel from your fork, slip your axle through the Fork Up, install as you would your wheel and tighten your QR skewer (or axle) to the Fork Up. Finally, place your bike onto your rack putting the bottom of the Fork Up onto the rack skewer and tighten in place. Fork-Up fits easily into your rack with ample clearance for disc brakes and low hanging fork legs and can be rotated over 180 degrees to provide for clearance with other bikes on the rack. Note: these adapters are needed on about 1% of the mountain bikes made please call us if you have questions on which one is correct.

 4044-0115mm axle, 100mm width$44.95
 4044-0220mm axle, 110mm width$39.95
 4044-03For Cannondale Lefty$69.95
AirCaddy Replacement Shell Only

This is the replacement shell for K8550 and K8350 and K9100 units.

Ground shipping: $25.00;   (call for faster shipping options)
 3702-00AirCaddy Replacement Shell Only$49.95
XLBikebox Replacement Shell

XL replacement shell no metal parts included. Selling a tandem or recumbent buy this box and stuff it with paper and away it goes for $90.00.

Ground shipping: $30.00;   (call for faster shipping options)
 3704-14K9984 SHELL ONLY$60.00
Note: Because of the constant evolution of our products the materials and colors are subject to change without notice.  Shipping rates are for the continental USA. Shipping to Canada, Alaska and Hawaii are additional cost.
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