Select Your Shipping Container
Cardboard Box (either new or recycled), weight limit 100 lbs.

Hard Plastic, Aluminum, Wood, or Cloth bicycle cases, weight limit 75 lbs.

WARNING! Bicycle travel cases are designed for airplanes, boats, and trains. They are not designed to withstand the process of shipping through companies such as FedEx, UPS, or DHL. Travel cases may not provide adequate protection. Therefore, the shipper may deny any claim for items damaged during transit. We recommend that you place your travel case inside a cardboard box for shipment.

AirCaddy (triangular container 58" x 22" x 31"), weight limit 60 lbs.

ShipBike Box 3690 or 3692, weight limit 100 lbs.

xBike Shipper (43" x 11" x 32"), weight limit 60 lbs.

eWheel Shipper (for 2 wheels only, 42" x 7" x 27"), weight limit 15 lbs.