Shipments to Alaska, Hawaii and International
  1. 1. Get a box for your bicycle. offers durable reusable bike boxes, but you can also use one you purchase from your local bike shop, Or another retailer.

  2. 2. Call us at 1-877-323-4083 or use the form below to request a quote on your shipment. We'll contact you by phone or email with a cost and estimated delivery time (typically 2-7 days provided there are no customs problems, if applicable.)

  3. 3. If you'd like to ship with us, then let us know and we'll forward you the necessary labels and shipment documents.

Because shipping cost Is determined by package size, a smaller size means a less expensive shipment. To be eligible for the small package cost, the dimensional weight* of each container should be under 130". Packages that have a dimensional weight which exceeds 130" will be considered air freight and will be significantly more expensive to ship.

* Dimensional Weight = Length + (2 x Width) + (2 x Height)     Example: A box that is 52L, 8W and 29H (52+16+58= 126")
If applicable, all shipments may be subject to customs fees and taxes which vary from country to country. We have professional people on our phones to help assist you Monday to Saturday. Please call us at 1-877-323-4083.
Shipments containing lithium-ion batteries are prohibited.
(Russia, Cuba, North Korea, Syria and Yemen are not serviceable)
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