Bicycle Shipping Frequently Asked Questions.

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Q. How does work?
A. Ship your bicycle via UPS ground from any home or business address to any home or business in the world. Visit our how it works page for a visual demonstration and description or Click the “Click Here” Button above to begin the shipping process.
Q. How long does it take to ship?
A. No more than 6 business days one way to and from anywhere in the continental USA.
Q. How much does it cost to use
A. $40 to $120 plus insurance one way within the continental USA.
Q. How much is insurance?
A. $1 per every $100 of value (example $5.00 = $500.00)
Q. Do I have to use containers?
A. Yes.
Q. Where do I get a box to ship my bicycle?
A. Buy a box from our website by pressing the Orange “Buy a Box” Button.
Q. How do I ship my bicycle now that I have a box?
A. Go to our home page and click the Pink “Ship a Box” Button and complete the form.
Q. Can I make my Shipbikes ticket today for a future ride?
A. Yes, you can make an open ticket good for one year. Please select “I will call to schedule a pickup when my bicycle is ready”. Call during business hours at 708-383-2433 1-2 days prior to the pickup. Allow enough time for your bicycle to be delivered plus we suggest adding an extra day, in case of unexpected delays.
Q. Is there a service charge for my hotel to receive a bicycle?
A. Yes, most large hotels will charge a $10 to $25 fee which includes storage.
Q. Is there a service charge to ship my bicycle from a hotel even if I have a prepaid FedEx label?
A. Yes, most large hotels will charge a $10 to $25 fee.
Q. Does charge an extra fee for pickup and processing of my bicycle from a hotel?
A. No, it is included with the shipping price.