How do I order an AIRCADDY®, eBike Shipper or other boxes?


AirCaddy K-9100 container for $104.95 + (Ground shipping $25.00)


AIRCADDY K-9200 wheel kit for use on airplanes, boats, trains and buses is $49.95 + (Ground shipping $9.00)


eBike Shipper™ container for $39.95 + (Ground shipping $20.00)


eWheel Shipper™ container for $19.95 + (Ground shipping $12.00)


XL Bikebox Shipper™ container for $90.00 + (Ground shipping $25.00)

Note: Prices above do NOT include the cost of shipping your bicycle. Pricing above is only for purchasing and receiving a bicycle shipping box.

How To Order:

(A) Call us at 877-323-4083 Telephone hours (central time) are Monday through Friday 11:30am to 8:30pm, Saturday 11:30am to 5:30pm, Closed Sunday. (24 hour answering machine 708-383-5541)

(B) Purchase on-line 24/7   Order Now

(C) Also, you can visit the authorized dealer listing at: